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Ultimate Pack

The best and ultimate entertainment pack for you and your entire family! Enjoy ALL of unifi TV channels including FOX movies, LIVE sports, Korean, kids, local dramas, international TV shows and many more! This pack includes access to Tonton and BBC Player apps.

unifi tv ultimate pack channels


Unifi TV Aneka Plus

Aneka Plus Pack

Indulge in an array of exclusive local programmes, Korean and more with the new Aneka Plus Pack, which now comes with LIVE sports, kids, lifestyle and international TV channels. This pack includes access to Tonton app.

aneka plus channels



Ruby Plus Pack

For the kung-fu fighters and Asian entertainment lovers, the new Ruby Plus Pack gets you covered with the best entertainment from Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and China. Now enhanced with kids, LIVE sports, lifestyle and international TV series channels to keep you entertained all day! This pack includes access to Tonton app.

unifi tv ruby plus channels


Varnam Plus Pack

Get enchanted with the colours of Indian entertainment ranging from Hindi & Tamil movies and TV shows, LIVE sports, kids, variety and many more programmes with the new Varnam Plus Pack.

unifi tv varnam plus channels

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